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Natural & Organic Fruit Tree Sprays By Marcie Snyder

Fruit trees should be sprayed in early spring before the opening button to kill the insects during / insect eggs located in the cracks of their fruit trees. However, in order to safeguard their health and the environment, consider using one of the environmentally friendly natural organic aerosols, or fruit trees that are just as capable of killing insects and insect larvae survive. Any of the following natural and organic fruit tree sprays will work: a lime sulfur / vegetable oil mixture, a vegetable oil / water mixture, and a homemade spray consisting of natural ingredients.

Aerosol organic fruit trees

The first type of organic fruit tree spray, lime sulfur / vegetable oil blend, can sometimes be purchased mixed, but you can buy a kit and mix the two. Lime sulfur is a fungicide that kills dormant spores of fungi or bacteria. Horticultural oil is used to suffocate the insects survive and / or eggs.

This combination should be used for spraying in early spring before the buds swell and break open, otherwise you risk burning the new sheet. It can also be sprayed only if the temperature remains between 0 degrees Celsius (32 F) and 20 degrees centigrade (about 70 F) for at least 24 hours because of oil spraying needs time to smother the insects or their eggs. A cold night to break the oil before it has a chance to be effective. However, if it occurs after the freeze period of 24 hours, no damage.

Spray when there is little or no wind and no rain, snow or sleet in the forecast. Read the instructions carefully and fill it well may be a dirty job when you spray your tree from top to bottom until it drips. In addition, lime sulfur has a strong odor, so you can wear clean clothes.

A second type of aerosol organic fruit trees, vegetable oil / water mixture can be used not only in the early spring, but also throughout the summer, provided that the spraying is done early in the morning when the weather is cooler and the tree has cooled off. This mixture is much less messy than the first.

Spray fruit trees natural

You can always opt out of this mess, making your own blend with natural ingredients from your kitchen cupboard or buy at a garden center. A spray mixture that is easy to perform and can be used in spring or at any time during the summer months includes liquid seaweed (found in plant nurseries) blackstrap molasses (the type used for cooking) apple cider vinegar, soap and Murphy - all added to a gallon of water.

Seaweed and molasses not only against fungal diseases in the garden, but also feed the plant through the leaves (called foliar feeding), especially if you are actually spraying early in the morning when leaf pores remain open.

You do not need to worry about the molasses to attract insects. Plants absorb MOLASSES instantly. Boom that has ido! Fruit trees love it!

The acidity of vinegar helps remove the black spot of roses, powdery mildew, brown patch and other fungal unpleasant.

So instead of spraying your fruit trees with poisonous insecticides or pesticides, you may want to consider using the combination dormant spray of lime sulfur and horticultural oil, horticultural dormant oil / water mixture, or a spray composed of ingredients natural, a spray that not only the stifling of insects or insect eggs and fungal diseases of combat but also feeds the tree.

Bio: A gardener for years, Marcie has learned that in getting rid of insects or fungal diseases in early spring is necessary. Learn more about natural and organic fruit tree sprayers

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